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An article review is an essay or paper that offers a critical assessment or evaluation of any literary pieces. The article review may assess plays, academic research papers, term papers, books or any other form of literary work. Therefore, an article review is basically a critique of any piece of written material, and as such it is formed on the basis of personal opinion of the writer. Article reviews form the basis of literary criticism whose purpose is to determine how well pieces of literature have been written in terms of content and format.

Article reviews constitute most of the scholarly peer reviews that are alternatively termed as refereeing. In a nutshell, an article review forms a means by which an authors scholarly writing, ideas or research findings are subjected to scrutiny by other people. The people scrutinizing the literary work and writing article reviews may be fellow professional or experts within the field or subject under consideration. At the end of the critical scrutiny the reviewers have to write an article review that outlines any shortcomings or Excellencies within the literary work.

Peer review and article review writing requires a group of experts in the particular field of concern, this group of people should be able to make reviews and write article reviews that are impartial and professional. However, impartial reviews are narrowly defined and may prove difficult to achieve because the relative significance of an idea as either bad or good may not be widely accepted among its contemporaries. As a result, it has been noted that at times different reviews and article reviews resulting from them tend to differ significantly.

Pragmatically, article review denotes the work undertaken during screening of done academic papers. The process is meant to encourage authors of any academic papers to try and meet the set standards of the respective disciplines that they partake. The process of article review and article review writing also prevents authors of academic works from disseminating irrelevant research findings, personal views, uninformed views, unacceptable interpretations as well as unwarranted claims.

Scholarly publications that may not have been peer reviewed and article reviews written about them are highly likely to be regarded suspiciously by professionals and scholars. Peer reviews and subsequent writing of article reviews is one part of the academic requirements within most institutions of higher learning and research.

The writing of an article review is not a simple task, and as such not many students or researchers are aware and knowledgeable on how to write a good article review.

This demand and lack of expertise couple to create a demand for article review writing services. As a result there are various online companies offer services in the drafting and writing of article reviews. In order for a client to get an article review for any literary work, s/he should submit the work to be reviewed to the writing company and request an article review to be professionally written and submitted to him/her at a fee stipulated by the company.

The client should also include clear details or specifications about the specific areas that s/he needs to be assessed as well as the format in which s/he would like to have the article review written. Article reviews are actually cheap compared to other writing services because they are brief and concise, and as such take few pages to complete the review comprehensively.

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