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A book review shows a critical analysis, evaluation, description and meaning of a given book. A book review should not retell the book but should only give a brief description. It is essential for the book review to show focus on the authority, purpose and content of a book. A critical book review analyses the strengths and weaknesses of a book that is under analysis.

Quality book reviews show the objective of an author and how he or she has succeeded in achieving the objective. It is essential for book reviews to provide enough evidence to support evaluation of content. It is evident that book reviews are personal since they give or reflect the reviewers opinion towards a given book. There are short and long book reviews.

Short book reviews consist of 50 to 100 words while long book reviews consist of 1500 words or more. The number of words depends on the purpose of the book review. There is a standard procedure that a writer has to follow when writing a book review. This procedure can be obtained from different sources of information such as the Internet.

The first step when writing a book review is to give essential information about the book for instance the title of the book, author, general subject matter date of publishing, price and many other details. The second step that is essential when writing a book review is for a writer to state the purpose or aim of writing the book.

There are some writers who state the purpose of writing a book at the preface or even at the first chapter of the book. The other step that is vital when writing a book review is for a writer to state the thesis and theme of the book. A books theme is the topic or subject while a books thesis is the authors generalization or belief about the books theme. It is essential for a book review writer to express the thesis statement without using metaphors and figurative language.

The other step to remember when writing book reviews is to explain the method and the way the author supports a books thesis statement. It is essential to illustrate remarks by use of quotations and references. The other step is for a writer to evaluate a book for objectivity, accuracy, interest and usefulness to the intended audience.

A book review writer should also try to find and research on further

information regarding the books author for instance the authors qualification, reputation and influences. The final step for writing a book review is to briefly summarize, analyze and give a brief comment on the content of a book. It is vital to pay attention to the last or concluding chapter.

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