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A good narrative papers has various elements which makes it fall into the category of narrative papers as their contain information narrating certain aspects of the entire questions that are asked by the instructors. Narrative papers as academic papers are written by students in various institutions of learning or else they seek for narrative papers writing services from the online companies which engage in narrative paper writing services. Narrative papers can be in the form of narrative term papers and narrative article reviews which comprise essential parts of the entire academic programs hence the narrative papers have to be written and presented for grading in due time.

Narrative papers are often written in the word processor such that they take up normal word qualities such as word editing and formatting elements. Similarly, the word document allows the narrative paper writer to edit the narrative paper hence eliminates all sorts of errors which may be made when the narrative essay contents are being typed.

The other way through which the word processor enables the narrative writer to format the text into the desired form such as incorporation of appropriate font size which is between 10-12 while the most appropriate font style for academic narrative essays are Arial and Times New Roman. A combination of these font elements contributes to increased legibility of the text such that the instructor, as well as the student will not have to strain when reading the information contained in the narrative essay.

Narrative papers also contain vital sections which presents the instructor with at glance details of the preceding content and its relevance. The first page of the narrative essay contains the student’s personal details and it is referred to as the title page. This page contains elements such as the name of the student who request for narrative essays, name of the instructor who will grade the narrative paper, the exact name of the course for which the narrative paper is written and the date on which the narrative paper will be presented for grading. These details are crucial in distinguishing between the various concepts of narrative papers thus distinguish it among the others.

After the title page there is the introduction section whose aim is to introduce the content of the narrative paper. This section may also contain definitions of various key terms which are used in the narrative paper that may require clarifications on how they are used in the narrative paper. This section outlines various key points which will be elaborated in the course of the narrative paper. Subsequent to the introduction is the main body of the narrative essay which contains the key element arranged into an interrelated outline to maintain the flow.

The conclusion is the last section of the narrative paper’s main body as it provides a summary of the concepts which are illustrated in the narrative essay. The summary also gives the writers stand concerning the topic in the narrative paper, as well as, recommendations for further research and reading regarding the topic.

Lastly there is the works cited page which contains detailed information on the sources of foreign materials used to compile the narrative paper. Accurate referencing is vital as it eliminate penalties associated with plagiarism as not all aspects of a narrative essay are derived from the writers/students memory thus material that has been obtained by others has to be incorporated.

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