Political Essay/Poltitical papers


A political essay is an academic paper mostly required in the study of political science, as a profession. A political essay conveys ideas related to the political world of research especially, political science. Political essays are among the basic requirements of any student undertaking studies in political science.

Students are often asked to write a political essay as part of their academic activities that are supposed to be used in measuring their understanding of political concepts. A political essay basically handles issues that relate to politics. A political essay may be categorized as an analysis essay, term paper or a discussion/dissertation essay, all on political issues. The differences among political essays may arise from format of the political essay or the content of the political essay.

The nature of a political essay

A political essay is very different compared to any other literary articles within magazines and dailies. A political essay is more critical and analytical in the manner in which it handles the subjects under consideration. The difference being that a political essay follows a certain fixed academic format that dictates the flow of presentation of ideas.

The academic requirements state that a political essay of an academic nature should have substantiating evidence in form of references and citations that will serve to show the basis of the content therein. Additionally, this content should be appropriately cited and referenced in a bid to avoid issues of plagiarism.

Plagiarism is an academic offense within the academic context and as such it is punishable. Therefore, any student writing a political essay should ensure that the work done is original and in cases of quoting whether indirectly or not s/he should appreciate the source of his/her quotation to avoid plagiarism issues. Thus, any political essay may contain personal ideas, but these ideas should have a basis on earlier recognized literary work or present research findings in the field of political science supported by referral materials.

A political essay is professional and academic by nature because it is required to be error free in terms of grammar, plagiarism free and free from any unsubstantiated content. Whenever, a direct or indirect quotation is made in the paper, the quotation’s content or material should be cited properly and referenced, because failure to do so may constitute an act of plagiarism.

The basic format of a political essay may contain the following parts. The introductory summary that briefly explains what the essay is all about. This section of the political essay is then followed by the thesis statement that outlines the essence of the presented material as findings of research or empirical observations. This section may also include reasons for conducting the survey or research that is highlighted in the essay. These preliminary parts are followed by the literature review that highlights any previous literary material documented on similar issues. This section details the basis of this current work, or rather the contributory ideas that led to the reviewing of the issue tackled within the political essay. Thereafter, follows the main body of the political essay that discusses the main ideas of the essay.

Finally, the conclusion follows after a brief discussion on the presented ideas. This final section reviews the ideas briefly and offers a conclusive statement on the covered ideas and issues. Lastly, a reference section or bibliography list should be included to show all used secondary and primary sources.

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