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Proofreading is important as it helps improve the quality of academic papers. Most students do not proofread their work before submitting it. This makes it difficulty for the students to perform well. In addition, the students do not have enough time to proofread their academic papers. Majority of the students in the institutions have to balance their education and other things like work and families. Since, students are not able to proofread their work, they have opted to look for proofreading services from firms that offer proofreading services.

The number of firms offering proofreading services has increased. This is due to the demand for proofreading services. Though there are many firms offering proofreading services, most of the firms offering proofreading services are not effective. The firms do not provide quality proofreading services. Custom writing company offers various services. For example, a custom writing company offers editing and proofreading services. They also offer writing service. The company offers professional proofreading services for various customers. It provides proofreading services for professors, students and businesses. The company is aimed at meeting the growing demand for English services for students and other people in various countries. The company should be dedicated to provide proofreading services in all fields.

For instance, the company should provide proofreading services for research papers, dissertations, book reviews and essays. Not all companies are able to provide proofreading Services. Company offering proofreading services should have various qualities. First, the custom writing company offering proofreading services should provide proofreading services at a cheaper cost. The custom writing company should set a fixed price for all papers. For example, the competitive prices should be set at a fixed rate per 1000 words. In addition, the prices should  not change, but they should remain the same despite the complexity of the order and the amount of corrections the client requests.

Moreover, the company should have proofreaders to offer proofreading services. The proofreaders should proofread the work using “track changes functions” found in Microsoft word. The function is found in all the versions of Microsoft word and proofreaders can utilize it irrespective of the version they are using. The function helps proofreaders to move between the changes made and accept the changes. It also allows the writers to accept the modifications that are requested by the proofreader. This enables the company to provide effective proofreading services.

 Apart from using the track changes functions, the company should have proofreaders who have expertise in all the fields. The proofreaders should be able to provide proofreading services in all academic areas. The company offing proofreader services should be selective when recruiting proofreaders. The company should select proofreaders who have the right qualifications. This will enable the company provide quality services and meet client’s needs.

The proofreaders should be native English speakers with undergraduate and master’s degree. The company should be able to monitor the work of the proofreaders regularly. This will help the company provide 100% satisfaction to the clients. If the client is unhappy with the proofreading services offered, he should be refunded all the money he paid. The custom writing company should hire the best staff and train them so as to overcome the incidents. This will enable the company to satisfy the clients and avoid refunding the client the money paid for proofreading services.

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