Speech Writing/ Speech and presentation writing

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Speech writing involves the documentation of words that are meant to be spoken in an open forum of address meant for a specific audience. Speech writing may present the whole speech in a word by word format or in a summary form that outlines the general flow of speech and areas to be highlighted or emphasized during the actual delivery of the speech. Speech writing creates a basis upon which the speech to be presented will be build.

Speech writing can produce both formal and informal speech, both of which differ depending on the audience that will be addressed. In speech writing the determination of a speech nature, whether formal or not is based on the kind of audience to be addressed as well as the content of the speech. Therefore, while doing the speech writing the writer should ensure that she/he takes into account the kind of language to use so as to appropriately address the specific audience for whom the speech is written.

Speech writing process and format

Speech writing divides the content of a speech into three sections these three sections form the whole body of the speech. The first part is

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the introduction part. The introductory section is dedicated the opening greetings and catchy statements meant to attract and retain the attention of the audience. This is a very important section in speech writing because it will determine whether the audience will be attentive to the speech presentation or not. Therefore, in speech writing more emphasis should be laid on the writing of the introductory part of the speech.

The introductory part in speech writing should offer a definition of the thesis help in establishing credibility of the topic and speaker amongst the audience.  The introductory part of speech writing is followed by the body of the speech. This part of speech writing connects the introduced material to the elaborated body of the speech that contains the main points in a clear and expounded explanation.

The transition between the introduction and the main body should be smooth and there should be no new inclusions that may deviate from the introduced material. In speech writing the writer should ensure that the points that were introduced in the introductory part are well expounded in an elaborate manner so as to ensure that there is clarity in the message that is passed to the audience.

In speech writing there are elements that can be used to retain attention during speech delivery can be incorporated into the speech in this section. More often than not, the attention of the listeners may dwindle and shift to other thoughts. In order to maintain attention in speech writing the writer should incorporate elements such as interactive sessions with drafted questions.

A question and answer session may be most appropriate. This offers a break and a time in which listeners can ask questions about what they did not get clearly. This part can be incorporated in speech writing by writing out questions to be posed to the audience in order to clarify their understanding. Finally, the conclusion section of speech writing entails a brief summary of all the main points. It also emphasizes the main points to ensure that the main message of the speech is reiterated.

Factors to consider in speech writing include the topic to be highlighted and how best to present it, the type of audience to be addressed (consider the education level of the audience, their age as well as other personal attributes). The speech writer should put these factors into consideration so as to develop a speech that well addresses the audience.

Failure to take these factors into consideration may result to speech writing that is poorly done and the speech itself may not enable the speaker to deliver the message clearly to the intended audience.

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