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Writing essays is part of many college, university and even high-school student’s academic curricular. Writing essays requires possession of grammatical, language and writing skills which most students lack. There is a guide to writing essays which gives students steps to follow when writing essays on any given topic. These essay writing guides are available in books and even on the web.

Writing essays serves several purposes for instance to argue for a given point of view, narrate a story or even pass given information or idea. Writing essays of any given nature follows a similar structure or format. Essay writing becomes an extremely easy task if a writer follows the required basic steps. The role of an essay writer would be to find new ideas to present in writing essays.

The initial step that has to be followed when writing essays of any nature or form is to decide on the essay topic. The topic to guide a writer when writing essay should be intriguing so that it can grab the reader’s attention from the beginning. The second step to follow when writing essays is to prepare the essay outline or put ideas in form of a diagram. This will guide a writer and help him or her not to forget the key point to include in writing essay. The third step for writing essays is to formulate or write the essay’s thesis statement at the end of the introductory paragraph.

A thesis statement should clearly show or state the role of writing essay using a brief and precise sentence. The next step in writing essays is to write the essay’s body which is defined as the key essay section. The essay body consists of the main points and the sub-points. Elaboration of sub-points is essential in order to convey the intended information to the essay reader. The next step when writing essays is to write the introduction of an essay paper. The introduction paper introduces the essay topic and may define the topic if necessary.

It is essential for a writer to give a brief and precise introduction that clearly states the role of writing essay. The next point when writing essays is to write the conclusion which is the last paragraph of an essay. The conclusion should give a summary of the purpose of writing essay. Moreover, it has to be brief and made up of a single paragraph. The last step in writing essays is addition of finishing touches to the essay. Additional information from several sources of information can also be incorporated in essay writing at this stage.

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